Hi, I'm Heidi!

I spent decades trying to heal my inner child and free myself of the limiting patterns and beliefs I held about my worth, capabilities, and what I was or wasn’t allowed to have, be, or do. The most important part of my personal healing happened through hypnosis and understanding my Human Design. As a certified hypnotist, healer, and Human Design guide I know what stands between where you are now and living the life you want to be living. When you heal the part of you that’s still deep in the old stories - you have the ability to change everything.

Everything I do, everything I create, comes from being in alignment. And I know that I’ve had the life story that I’ve had because it led me to my purpose - which is to help others align with the life they’re meant to be living. In sharing what comes through me, or reading Human Design, or the subconscious reprogramming audios, or working 1:1 to guide you towards healing - everything I do is to help you find your alignment.

I’m here for you.

With love,